Business model

Business Model

1. Acquire farmland, in distinct regional poles: 100% or 50% partnership.

2. Produce, in logical crop rotations, 7 types of crops: soybean, wheat, canola, corn-grain, hulled oat, potatoes and hemp. Other crops may be added, depending on market and demand.

3. Increase the value of the land (investing in land upgrades) and optimize the economic yields through optimal farming operations.

4. Working in synergie.

5. Reducing financial risk.

6. Optimize investor’s capital through a team of ag-experts, seasoned operator and devoted members of committees.

7.  Recurring annual dividends, as of 2016.

8. Maintain and reinforce the sustainability, hability and operationability process of the Corporation.

9. Insure good corporate governance under the supervision of a Chief compliance office.

Offering reserved for qualified investors and financial institutions benefitting from the exemptions set out in Regulation 45-106 Prospectus and Registration Exemptions. Some of the statements contained in this information document include forward-looking statements pertaining, in particular, to the expected progress of the Corporation’s future activities and other events and conditions that could occur or arise subsequently. Forward-looking statements are statements pertaining to future events that involve intrinsic uncertainties. The Corporation’s actual results and other future events or conditions thus could differ considerably from those presented in the forward-looking statements due to a certain number of risks, uncertainties and other factors. The Corporation considers that the expectations mentioned in these forward-looking statements are reasonable, but cannot give any warranty that they will prove to be founded. Investors are therefore invited not to attach undue importance to the forward-looking statements contained in this information document. These statements are established at the date of this information document. The results and the actual new facts could differ significantly from those expressly or implicitly in question in the forward-looking statements contained in this information document.

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