Éloïse Gagnon

Éloïse Gagnon, LL.L., LL.M. Fisc, is the President, CEO and co-founder of Farmland Partners. In her early college years, she develops a deep interest for nutrition, the food industry and global food security. She co-signs two chronicles, Ag-Flash and Ag-Newsletter, which are available on this website. 

Mrs. Gagnon began her profesionnal career as a tax lawyer with  Raymond Chabot Grant Thorton. She joins the CGE team in 2006 as in-house legal counsel and specializes in drafting and negociating contracts. In 2006, she co-founds CGE Resources,  the first Quebec mining flow-through fund devoted exclusively to up and coming junior mining exploration companies.  She was Vice-president for four years before taking over the position of CEO in 2012.

Mrs. Gagnon has a law degree from University of Sherbrooke, a master’s degree in tax law from the HEC (Montreal) and was admitted at the Québec Bar in 2005.


Clément C. Gagnon

Clément C. Gagnon is co-founder and senior consultant of Farmland Partners. He was born in the agricultural county of Lotbinière. The Gagnon family has cultivated Quebec farmland since 1647. Beyond his deep interest for agriculture, Mr Gagnon is vastly interested in the environment and its impact on agriculture; climatology, next generation of farmers, and involvement of youth. He regularly co-signs chronicles, Ag-Flash and Ag-Newsletter, largely distributed and published on Farmland Partners’ website.

Mr. Gagnon has worked for the Québec Government as a municipal director and a manager. Since 1986, he has participated heavily in bringing private companies to the stock market. He also represented, in the realm of financial communication, many major Canadian and American companies. Since June 1997, he is the President of CGE Capital Inc., a financial engineering firm whose mission is to offer financial solutions and public capital to small and mid-cap companies.

In 2006, he created a fund dedicated to the growth of Québec’s junior mining companies while in their exploration phase. Mr. Gagnon has also developed an expertise in due diligence, analysis and auditing comities of public companies. He studied in Quebec History, French Literature and Bibliotheconomy at University of Sherbrooke (1985).

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